WebTrafficSchool.com/Interactve Solutions Inc. (ISI) has been online since March 1997, and has since grown to become America's favorite online Defensive Driving Program.
· January 1997 - Company formed

· April 1998 - WebTrafficSchool.com started operating in San Mateo County, CA

· October 1998 - Approval to operate in Los Angeles Court, one of the largest jurisdictions in USA

· January 1999 - "Release 1" of Clickstudy Technical platform created

· Summer 1999 - Interactive Solutiins Inc., completed implementation of the technical platform for ClickSafety.com Inc. (Construction Safety database management/online courses)

· November 1999 - TestTakers.com (College Prep Courses) launched on the Internet

· August 2000 - Approval to operate in State of Virginia

· March 2001 - TestTakers.com is separated from ISI and sold to Achieva.com
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Presently, enhanced by Achieva.com SAT, PSAT, SAT 2, ACT courses created using Clickstudy platform are used by Kaplan Inc. Kaplan acquired Achieva.com in January 2002
(Press Release).

· May 2002 - Approval to operate in State of Florida

· June 2002 - Approval to operate in State of Nevada

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