Our Graduates Agree !

An amazing 98% of graduates, when surveyed, said they would recommend WebTrafficSchool to a friend!
"This is a great idea. I felt less like a prisoner and more like a human being. I was able to take the test at my own speed and on my own time."
– C. Dillon
"Secretly, I'll bet more people pay better attention here than at a comedy [traffic] school."
– H. Bell
" ... All in all ... head and shoulders above sitting in some classroom with even the most entertaining instructor. Who needs that on my precious weekend time? And you had them beat by $10 or more on price. Thank god for the Internet and your school!"
– C. Logsdon
"... I will let my 13-year-old read it soon as a preliminary to her regular driving training ... This course was certainly very well prepared and much better than the traffic school I was in some many years ago. [It] also allows flexible hours ... I often come home very tired from work and the only spare time I could find was when others were not using the family computer ... [Thanks] for the contents and the flexibility. Keep up the good work!"
– M. Wei
"I would like to thank you for making traffic school very convenient. I work long hours, and cannot afford to take time off for traffic school, and this course was excellent.  I will make sure to recommend your service to anyone I know that requires traffic school. Thank you again."
– M. Coulston
"I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make all of our lives easier."
– B. Du Prey
"Great course, gave me the opportunity to take my first and hopefully last traffic school at my own time. I find this will be convenient for those who have a busy schedule and do not have time to spend at a traffic school. I truly enjoyed the course and content. Thank you! "
– G. Harvey
"Thanks for the at home, painless option. Never again with the struggling comedians!"
– M. Morrissey
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