For only $24.95, is the best way to go through traffic school in California. offers you the option of either video traffic school or text, the only Video traffic school available on the Internet. In addition to the Internet course we offer a workbook version of the course, which you can do at home or office, or even on the road.
Who can take the course
Software requirements
Hardware requirements
Paying for the course
The course itself
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Who Can Take the Course
The WebTrafficSchool course is currently available for moving violations issued in the following California jurisdictions:

Alameda County
Butte County
Colusa County
Contra Costa
Fresno County
El Dorado County
Imperial County

Inyo County (Bishop only)
Kern County
Lake County
(Department 3 only)
Mariposa County
Mendocino County
Modoc County
Mono County
Napa County
Nevada County
Placer County
Plumas County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Diego County
San Francisco
San Joaquin County
San Luis Obispo County
San Mateo County
Santa Barbara County
Santa Cruz County
Solano County
Sonoma County
Stanislaus County
Tuolumne County
Yolo County

Require preapproval from the Court:

Walnut Creek-Danville)

Los Angeles County
The following courts:
Bellflower (formerly Los Cerritos)
Beverly Hills
Culver City
East Los Angeles
El Monte (formerly Rio Hondo)
Huntigton Park
Lancaster (formerly Antelope)
Long Beach
Monrovia (formerly Santa Anita)
San Fernando
San Pedro
Santa Clarita (formerly Newhall)
Santa Monica
South Gate
Van Nuys
West Covina (formerly Citrus)
West Los Angeles

If you didn't get your moving violation in one of these counties, you will have to wait until WebTrafficSchool is available in your county or contact them and get a permission to take our course.

Software Requirements
There are two versions of WebTrafficSchool, one is an Internet video version, which uses the RealPlayer from Real Networks, the other is a text version.  Both versions cover the same material.

If you would like to take the video version, you will need to download the RealPlayer.

If you do not want to download the video player, you can take the text version of our course simply by selecting "text" as your option when you enroll or re-enter the course.

You will be able to switch back and forth freely between the different versions of the course on the "Re-enter the Course" page.

WebTrafficSchool also requires that you use one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 (or above)
  • Netscape Navigator 4.0 (or above)
  • AOL 5.0 (or above)

Click here to ensure that your computer hardware is appropriate for the course.

Paying for the Course
You will not be asked to pay until after you are at least satisfied with the first section of the course, after which you can pay one of two ways:
  • Use your credit card or check to pay online – it's fast, easy, and totally secure.   WebTrafficSchool employs the most advanced encryption to ensure the safety of your online transactions.

  • Pay by check or money order to:

    WebTrafficSchool (Tuition)
    PO Box 238
    Oakland, CA 94604-0238

    Please do not send us a check before you have enrolled in the course and taken at least one section, we want you to be satisfied before you pay your tuition.

    Feel free to tell us "the check is in the mail" if you don't want to pay right away, although obviously, we'll wait to receive payment before you'll be issued a Certificate of Completion
The course is divided into 6 sections, each from 30 to 50 minutes long. Each section discusses themes in traffic safety, and uses:

The course tracks the sections you have completed and will move you to the next section automatically.

You don't have to do all of the sections at once, you can do as many, or as few, in one sitting as you like.

Final Quiz
The Final Quiz is the last section of the WebTrafficSchool program. The quiz has two components:
  • A Quiz Review that will go over the key lessons of the course, including material that will be on the Quiz
  • A 25 question Final Quiz based on traffic safety material from the presentation

In order to pass, you must get at least 80% of the questions correct. In the unlikely event that you don't pass, you may go over the course review again, and re-take the quiz as many times as you need.

Security Questions
In order to verify your identity and your participation in the program, we will periodically ask you a "Security Question," either:

  • Information from the Student Application Form you fill out at  the beginning of the program (make sure you print it out to refer to), or
  • Traffic Safety questions directly from that segment of the class

Certificate of Completion
The Certificate of Completion is what the Court requires before they mask your traffic violation from your driving record. Once you've completed all of the sections and the Final Quiz, we will send your Certificate of Completion either to you or to the court.

If we send your Certificate to you, you will need to sign it and deliver it to the court in person, or by mail, if the Court has told you that is OK.

There are a number of different Certificate printing and delivery options available to you, depending on your requirements and the court where you got your citation:

See delivery Options >>

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